Israel-Day Two

The Flight:  We left the church somewhere around 12:30 pm and drove to O’Hare airport.  We waited a little while and then took our 4:30 flight.  About 6 hours into the flight someone had me look out the window to see a lit-up city.  It was a city on the very bottom of Ireland.  We then went over the point of France, I found an empty window seat and started taking pictures.  The First was Lorient, then Nantes, which was covered by a mystic-type of cloud cover (it was a pretty clear night).  The seats on the plane were very uncomfortable, because it was quite an old plane.  Average velocity was just under 1,000 km/hr.  Distance was 996+6757.  The sunrise was beautiful out the left windows of the aircraft, although I couldn’t see much of it.

After sunrise, I moved to the left side of the aircraft, just in time to catch the Alps…VERY BEAUTIFUL right after sunrise.  Then we landed at Rome, had to go through security-even though we weren’t leaving the airport.  We got on a nicer, new aircraft, took off for an incredible 2.5 hour flight to Rome.  On the way we passed the bottom “Island” of Greece, then the island of Cyprus.  We landed at Ben Gurion International Airport, went through customs, then got our baggage and met our guide, Eitan Chaimberlain.

Jaffa, Joppa:  is on the Southern side of Tel Aviv (in Judah).  It stands for “By the way of the sea” because of its place along an important highway connecting Egypt to Mesopotamia.  Joppa was originally owned by the Egyptians, and 1,300 yr. old hieroglyphics are still present.  Joppa was the main port for Jerusalem, Solomon used the port while having the Cedars of Lebanon brought for use in building the temple.  Jonah left from here as he tried to escape God’s command.  Alexander the Great also traveled through it numerous times.  Today, remains of Simon the Tanner’s house can be seen.

We traveled an hour or so North to Ceasarea and stayed the night in the Dan Caesarea Hotel.  When we arrived at the hotel there was a “Welcome Dinner” waiting for us which was most likely the biggest and fanciest meal I have ever had or dreamed of.  Breakfast the next morning was also wonderful–fresh Jaffa oranges with a juice press was my favorite!

Joppa-Modern Day Tel Aviv

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