Why are men so afraid of commitment?

I’ve seen it over and over. An unmarried, worried woman pouring her heart out because “he” left her. “How could he do that to me?” This is a circumstance I have observed many times in ministry, and it points to … Read More

How do you do IT?

I get asked this a lot, “How do you know all this stuff about computers,” or “How did you know how to fix that?”  What’s really fun is when I’m asked how many years I went to school for IT.  … Read More

Wiper Blades & Windshields

There are few scary moments like being stuck in a rainstorm without Rain-X. Yes…there’s rain-x people and there are people who can’t see. Can you guess which camp I’m in? A chunk of ice flew off the roof of my … Read More

Favorite Sermons

Bitterness Coming Soon Bible Characters Joseph Joseph, By Missionary to Kenya, Robert Mickey

Parents: Teens & Phones

I have noticed a trend with teens:  Smartphones.  You may say “duh, that’s been happening for years now,” and you’re right.  What bugs me is not just the fact that teens have them, but that they jumped into the smartphone … Read More

What are your sub-conscious thoughts?

In I Kings 3, we read of Solomon’s request to God.  God came to Solomon at night in a dream and asked him what he wanted. (I Kings 3:5) In the Old Testament, dreams were sometimes used by God to … Read More

The IRS Scandal – An IT Guy’s Take

In case you aren’t up on the news, Lois Learner, the ex-IRS official at the center of the investigation of the IRS’ targeting of non-profit groups, had a computer crash. Coming from an IT guy myself: Folks, this happens.  That’s … Read More

Oliver Cromwell Dismisses Parliament

If someone had the guts to say this in congress, they would be completely right.: “It is high time for Me to put an End to your Sitting in this Place, which you have dishonoured by your Contempt of all … Read More

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