Wiper Blades & Windshields

There are few scary moments like being stuck in a rainstorm without Rain-X. Yes…there’s rain-x people and there are people who can’t see. Can you guess which camp I’m in?

A chunk of ice flew off the roof of my van and demolished the windshield wiper. It broke off and found it’s permanent place squashed in the middle of a turn lane at a busy intersection! I went to Walmart and found that the beam-style rain-x blades (those are the only ones I will get) were $15.99 on sale. They have Rain-X treatment in them, which I don’t need since I’ve already treated my windshield with Rain-X fluid and I run Rain-X washer fluid year-round.

I learned a trick in the past that I will share with you today: Go to the vehicle service counter. They have a display with Rain-X arch beam-style blades for only $7. They are NOT on the shelf by the rest!

Try it…save some money, and keep a clean windshield!

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