My New Friend, Accountable2You

I was first introduced to Accountable2You a year ago, but I really started considering it when evangelist David Brady came in early December 2019 for a purity seminar at my church. Since then, I have used it on all my devices and it is definitely different than Covenant Eyes. It’s more reliable, it’s harder to get around, it’s more intrusive. Wait…did I say that? Yes.

Turns out, Accountable2You is very intrusive. It gets…like…everything! It flagged my accountability partner’s bank account statement because of the three X’s in the masked account number. (Cue deactivating bank app accountability – yes, you can do that :-). It flagged the YouTube video that was watched about hidden camera investigations on crook businesses.

This intrusiveness actually helps the accountability process. In the intrusiveness, it keeps good talks happening. If you can laugh about the dumb thing he/she looked up, it’s not so awkward to say something when something a little more serious comes up.

On iOS, the app can watch traffic from different browsers and actually get page titles. (Unlike Covenant Eyes). On Android, you’ll definitely want to exempt the Email, phone, and Messages apps from being watched. (Unless you feel that the system should see that information)

I have seen a few glitches here and there.  After all, it is software that is available for every major operating system and device type (unlike many alternatives), but nothing major.

The report is a daily email with a digest of the day which can be tuned to one of three sensitivity styles (unlike Covenant Eyes which had more and were a bit ambiguous).  Also, the accountability partner can enter keywords he does not want to see reports on.  (in my case, the three X’s became a no-see keyword).

Meanwhile, every few days myself or my accountability partners gets a laugh…it flagged WHAT?  OK,  I guess it’s doing its job then!

Questions?  Tips?  Love or Hate?  Comment below!

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  • Hi Joel. I stumbled across this page on a google search regarding accountability software. I’d like to pick your brain about the differences between Accountable2You and Covenant Eyes. I’m a CE user, but I’m not entirely satisfied and I’m wondering if A2Y would be a better option. Thanks!

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