Israel-Day Five

*Until now I have neglected to mention the “Ramot Resort” we stayed at the Sea of Galilee* There is nothing like eating breakfast overlooking the Sea of Galilee–it was absolutely wonderful Kursi Kursi was our first stop of the morning. … Read More

Israel-Day Four

Jordan River We started out the day at the North of the Sea of Galilee seeing the Jordan River.  It is fed by three springs, including the Dan and Banias springs which come from the snowfall on Mt. Hermon.  Namaan … Read More

Israel-Day Three

Caesarea History Named after Caesar Augustus, in the land of Samaria, which meant the Romans didn’t have to “please” the God of Judah.  The greatest threat to the Roman empire, the Parthians, attacked Jerusalem in 42 B.C.  Herod went to … Read More

Israel-Day Two

The Flight:  We left the church somewhere around 12:30 pm and drove to O’Hare airport.  We waited a little while and then took our 4:30 flight.  About 6 hours into the flight someone had me look out the window to … Read More

Israel-Day One

March 2, 2010, I embarked on what was a very life-changing trip.  This is the first in the series of blog posts about my Israel trip. March 2 we left the church shortly after noon…other than that, there’s not much … Read More

Computer Protection

Someone contacted me recently to gather my thoughts on protection for a computer, and in the wake, this is what I replied with. They mentioned their use of “Stopzilla” antivirus, etc.  After paying about $240 a year for antivirus, antispyware, … Read More

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