QuickBooks for Nonprofits

For those not familiar with it, QuickBooks is accounting software made by Intuit – both a desktop version and an online version. Desktop Version: This one is pretty much a no-brainer if you’ve ever paid for QuickBooks.  You can get … Read More

TechSoup Offerings for Nonprofits

TechSoup is the starting block for many church technology deals. Since TechSoup has a good signup process, many companies look to them for vetting potential donation receivers. To get into Techsoup, visit www.techsoup.org and click “Join.” You’ll first make an … Read More

My New Friend, Accountable2You

I was first introduced to Accountable2You a year ago, but I really started considering it when evangelist David Brady came in early December 2019 for a purity seminar at my church. Since then, I have used it on all my … Read More

Why are men so afraid of commitment?

I’ve seen it over and over. An unmarried, worried woman pouring her heart out because “he” left her. “How could he do that to me?” This is a circumstance I have observed many times in ministry, and it points to … Read More

How do you do IT?

I get asked this a lot, “How do you know all this stuff about computers,” or “How did you know how to fix that?”  What’s really fun is when I’m asked how many years I went to school for IT.  … Read More

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